Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sheridan Throws a Party

Sheridan frequents two homes in our neighborhood. The 'candyman' Jack & the 'candylady' Lisa. While making the candy rounds with girlfriends, Olivia & Kaela, last night Sheridan stepped it up a notch and invited herself & friends to swim at Lisa's pool. (The pool is actually an oversized hot tub w/rockslide, jumping platforms and is heated year around - nice choice, Sher!) I told her no on the swimming and PLEASE do not ask to use other people's pools. 5 minutes later Lisa calls ME at Tricia's house (Olivia's mom). I am M O R T I F I E D....meanwhile, Tricia is yelling in the background "shut up! they did not just invite themselves swimming!"

So I have focused my eyes on Tricia yelling 'shut up' over and over and Lisa (an empty nester) is on the other end of the phone saying "I invited them to swim (ya, right), it is perfectly fine, don't worry about it".

But what Lisa is really saying: "this is PERFECT. I must lifeguard the children swimming in my pool. An excellent excuse to get out of watching the Presidential Debate".


Trish said...

If I would've known your neighbors were fine lifeguarding on Friday nights, I would've had Sheridan ask sooner! She really knows how to throw a great party at a neighbors house

Jana said...

That looks so fun! Do you think your neighbor would mind if I invited myself over for a swim?