Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Opps....She did it again!

Sheridan & neighbor Emma feeding grapes off the vine to Bubba, Baby & Beau
24 hours after Sheridan’s pool party we get a call from the babysitter asking if Sheridan can swim with her friends at Sandlin’s pool. “Are you kidding me?” I just went over this with her the night before. Sheridan was really working the system while we were away for the night. And, of course, the other mothers had given permission.

The Sandlin’s are very generous neighbors that live beside us. They have a huge ice making machine in their pantry. It makes crushed pellet ice like Sonic Drive-ins. When the surrounding neighbor children heard about this fabulous ice they started showing up on a daily basis. The Sandlin’s now provide cups in the pantry for visitors. And, I hate to admit it, one day I suggested “let’s use our snow cone syrup and make them slushees!” I started an epidemic.

The Sandlin’s also have 3 dogs that entertain while you swim. Beau is a beagle (?) with ears that drag across the ground wherever he goes and he howls our direction when he needs attention. Bubba is a blind bulldog that eats sprinkler heads and the newest addition, Baby/Babe, is the smallest, feistiest weiner dog I’ve ever seen. Babe is better taken care of than any of the Sandlin’s 4 teenage children. These 3 additions makes swimming at the Sandlin’s even that more enticing.

I’m positive when Sheridan showed up for her regular cup of ice the pool thru the back windows looked inviting so she threw that question out “can we go swimming”.

We’ve had 80+ degree weather for DAYS and the next 5 look about the same. Sheridan has one thing on her mind: 2 pools down & 4 to go.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sheridan Throws a Party

Sheridan frequents two homes in our neighborhood. The 'candyman' Jack & the 'candylady' Lisa. While making the candy rounds with girlfriends, Olivia & Kaela, last night Sheridan stepped it up a notch and invited herself & friends to swim at Lisa's pool. (The pool is actually an oversized hot tub w/rockslide, jumping platforms and is heated year around - nice choice, Sher!) I told her no on the swimming and PLEASE do not ask to use other people's pools. 5 minutes later Lisa calls ME at Tricia's house (Olivia's mom). I am M O R T I F I E D....meanwhile, Tricia is yelling in the background "shut up! they did not just invite themselves swimming!"

So I have focused my eyes on Tricia yelling 'shut up' over and over and Lisa (an empty nester) is on the other end of the phone saying "I invited them to swim (ya, right), it is perfectly fine, don't worry about it".

But what Lisa is really saying: "this is PERFECT. I must lifeguard the children swimming in my pool. An excellent excuse to get out of watching the Presidential Debate".

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nanny McPhee has left the building!

Sheridan before (with a frog that lives under a trampoline) and after losing her snaggle tooth.
For over 2 months we've stared at Sheridan's 1 dangling tooth at the front of her mouth. We can hardly focus on anything she says because of that d--- tooth. The dentist was determined to remove it but realized - after 5 minutes of screaming (by the dentist & sheridan) - keeping the patients in the surrounding rooms was far more beneficial.

I told her she must have it out by Sept. 3rd - school picture day or I would return her to the dentist chair. Sept. 2nd she cried for 45 minutes to her dad because she couldn't bare to lose that tooth.

It has been a bloody mess on 2 separate occasions. Both times she came running and screaming to me. I was overjoyed: "YEA!!!! YOU LOST YOUR TOOTH? YEAAAAAA!" Oh no, it was still hanging by a thread.

So I was out last night when I got the call it finally fell out in a cookie. (imagine that)

This morning Sheridan said "I thought you would be so happy to see my tooth fell out BUT all you said was 'oh ya, cool'." And she's right...that is exactly what I said with little enthusiasm. Because frankly, school pictures are over, family pictures are over and all I see when I look at those pictures is Nanny McPhee.

1st Trip to the Principals Office

Ireland was very open and honest when she begin to tell me about her day at school. She and 2 girlfriends were playing on goal posts during recess when and aide asked them to stop. It took a minute before Ireland heard her but they all stopped. They started into tumbling and gymnastic moves when the other 2 girls (per Ireland) decided to jump back on the goal posts. The aide immediately yelled at them and told them they had an appointment with the principal. So there they sat staring at Principal Baker. As Ireland explained it: Girl #1 was crying uncontrollably, Girl #2 had a weird voice every time she spoke (I assume she was on the verge of tears) and Ireland said "mom, I had the biggest drops of water in my eyes" As a mother that about KILLS you.

Ireland said when she tried to explain herself she was told to 'quit making excuses'. For a brief moment I was furious. Someone needed to be punched in the nose. Preferably the aide. They were freaking playing on a METAL POLE! Nobody was getting hurt - they were not damaging anything or being mean to anyone.

Ireland's teacher, Mrs. Asay, happened to walk by at this moment and Prin. Baker called her in. Ireland said after Mrs. Asay heard what happened her face turned red. I said "was she mad at you?" No. I said "was she mad at the principal" No. Then Ireland said "Mom, she looked like she was going to cry."

They were instructed to write an apology note to the Aide. Mrs. Asay told the girls "do not tell anyone - if anyone asks what you are doing tell them your working on a special project"

So today Ireland along with #1 & #2 will have lunch detention with Prin. Baker. ABSURD!

I have not heard from either the Principal or Mrs. Asay.

My reply to Ireland....

"Guess what, sweetie??? (This is the absolute truth) When mommy was in 3rd grade I got sent to the principals office for snorting!"

Twilight Update

All 300 tickets have been sold! It is unfortunate for those FANS that bought the last 20 or 30 tickets. They'll have the additional cost of a chiropractic visit after staring at Edward from the front row.

I've received emails regarding my plan for that midnight show. To clear up the confusion: I will be deep in REM when Edward hits the screen!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks for the offer! I'm going to bed.

My friend is a wing-nut. I mean that in the nicest way possible. She's spent the last few days texting, emailing, texting, emailing, etc. She has rented out an entire theatre for the midnight showing of "Twilight". Most in Utah are familiar with the book - soon to be released movie. But many of you outside of Utah may be in the dark. Suffice it to say it's BIG in Utah. And she has, as of today, sold all but 30 tickets. They won't last long, folks. Text me if you want some!
I enjoyed reading the the first 3 books (I'm still working my way thru the 4th). But lets be realistic here....I am a mother and wife that thrives on my sleep.
Someone once asked me what my favorite part of the day was. I replied "when I crawl into my bed, surround myself with four pillows, turn on my 'white noise' and throw a 5th pillow over my head!" That and eating my bowl of Cheerios and 8 a.m.

The Greatest Show on Earth

This was to be my first 'offical' post to include a picture. Then mama went and left the digital camera on the kitchen counter....

Last night we took the girls to 'Ring Bro & Bar Bai" Circus.

While Chris & the girls enjoyed a pre-dining moment I was sweating like no other literally running the streets of SLC looking for a disposable camera. When I finally DO post a picture from the circus it will have cost me approx. $20.00. This "FREE" blog is already reaching deep into my very tight pocket.

At the last moment I asked the ticket office if we could up-grade our tickets. Sure enough, center ring, 8th row became available moments before I arrived. And it didn't cost me a DIME! Maybe I am money ahead at this point.

I thought the circus was great, so did Chris & Ireland. Throughout the show Sheridan asked NO LESS THAN TWELVE TIMES: is it over now? And when it was finally over Sheridan said, "I don't think that was the greatest show on earth".

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Ireland is buggin'...

"When are WE going to have a blog? Everyone else has one."

Well, my perfect little princess....your wish is my command. Or should I say: your command is, as usual, all about you. Therefore, I shall (being the dutiful mother that I am) complete your command!

Now all of our close personal peeps can chill with us. Fo' Sho