Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Opps....She did it again!

Sheridan & neighbor Emma feeding grapes off the vine to Bubba, Baby & Beau
24 hours after Sheridan’s pool party we get a call from the babysitter asking if Sheridan can swim with her friends at Sandlin’s pool. “Are you kidding me?” I just went over this with her the night before. Sheridan was really working the system while we were away for the night. And, of course, the other mothers had given permission.

The Sandlin’s are very generous neighbors that live beside us. They have a huge ice making machine in their pantry. It makes crushed pellet ice like Sonic Drive-ins. When the surrounding neighbor children heard about this fabulous ice they started showing up on a daily basis. The Sandlin’s now provide cups in the pantry for visitors. And, I hate to admit it, one day I suggested “let’s use our snow cone syrup and make them slushees!” I started an epidemic.

The Sandlin’s also have 3 dogs that entertain while you swim. Beau is a beagle (?) with ears that drag across the ground wherever he goes and he howls our direction when he needs attention. Bubba is a blind bulldog that eats sprinkler heads and the newest addition, Baby/Babe, is the smallest, feistiest weiner dog I’ve ever seen. Babe is better taken care of than any of the Sandlin’s 4 teenage children. These 3 additions makes swimming at the Sandlin’s even that more enticing.

I’m positive when Sheridan showed up for her regular cup of ice the pool thru the back windows looked inviting so she threw that question out “can we go swimming”.

We’ve had 80+ degree weather for DAYS and the next 5 look about the same. Sheridan has one thing on her mind: 2 pools down & 4 to go.

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