Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth

This was to be my first 'offical' post to include a picture. Then mama went and left the digital camera on the kitchen counter....

Last night we took the girls to 'Ring Bro & Bar Bai" Circus.

While Chris & the girls enjoyed a pre-dining moment I was sweating like no other literally running the streets of SLC looking for a disposable camera. When I finally DO post a picture from the circus it will have cost me approx. $20.00. This "FREE" blog is already reaching deep into my very tight pocket.

At the last moment I asked the ticket office if we could up-grade our tickets. Sure enough, center ring, 8th row became available moments before I arrived. And it didn't cost me a DIME! Maybe I am money ahead at this point.

I thought the circus was great, so did Chris & Ireland. Throughout the show Sheridan asked NO LESS THAN TWELVE TIMES: is it over now? And when it was finally over Sheridan said, "I don't think that was the greatest show on earth".


Anonymous said...

You are so tech-savy. I am really proud of you. You got this out in no time flat. I hope Ireland is excited. Love the photo!

Trish said...

you go girl!!! Love that you finally joined the band wagon. I'm excited to see those $20.00 photos from the circus