Friday, September 26, 2008

1st Trip to the Principals Office

Ireland was very open and honest when she begin to tell me about her day at school. She and 2 girlfriends were playing on goal posts during recess when and aide asked them to stop. It took a minute before Ireland heard her but they all stopped. They started into tumbling and gymnastic moves when the other 2 girls (per Ireland) decided to jump back on the goal posts. The aide immediately yelled at them and told them they had an appointment with the principal. So there they sat staring at Principal Baker. As Ireland explained it: Girl #1 was crying uncontrollably, Girl #2 had a weird voice every time she spoke (I assume she was on the verge of tears) and Ireland said "mom, I had the biggest drops of water in my eyes" As a mother that about KILLS you.

Ireland said when she tried to explain herself she was told to 'quit making excuses'. For a brief moment I was furious. Someone needed to be punched in the nose. Preferably the aide. They were freaking playing on a METAL POLE! Nobody was getting hurt - they were not damaging anything or being mean to anyone.

Ireland's teacher, Mrs. Asay, happened to walk by at this moment and Prin. Baker called her in. Ireland said after Mrs. Asay heard what happened her face turned red. I said "was she mad at you?" No. I said "was she mad at the principal" No. Then Ireland said "Mom, she looked like she was going to cry."

They were instructed to write an apology note to the Aide. Mrs. Asay told the girls "do not tell anyone - if anyone asks what you are doing tell them your working on a special project"

So today Ireland along with #1 & #2 will have lunch detention with Prin. Baker. ABSURD!

I have not heard from either the Principal or Mrs. Asay.

My reply to Ireland....

"Guess what, sweetie??? (This is the absolute truth) When mommy was in 3rd grade I got sent to the principals office for snorting!"

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