Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa Caved....

Daddy did his best to clear the White Christmas
Now we're doing all we can to avoid the EMERGENCY ROOM or bloodshed in general.

Monday, December 22, 2008


We LOVE torture so we took family photos twice.  These are actually the 2nd sitting.  Our 'photographer' is trying to locate the first set on his computer.  And now he is requesting we take a THIRD set.  I am picky but very content with what we have.  Apparently the photographer thinks we can do better and is asking us to take them AGAIN at a new location.  I think he loves seeing me suffer.  Good thing he's cheap... I don't pay full price for ANYTHING.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Award & Reward

Ireland received an award for her entry (pottery) into the state wide Reflections Program

Because we're so proud of her accomplishments we bought her a new set of ...

And 1 week after this fabulous reward we received a call from Principal Baker.  We are not a violent family, however, Chris and I do carry Swiss Army knives. (The knife contains the best set of tweezers a girl could ever have.)  Well....Ireland took her knife (a gift from daddy) to school and had it in her desk, showed enough kids to draw attention to her desk and the teacher had no choice but send her to the office.  Possession of a weapon carries a 10 day school suspension along with a few days at some 'special school'.  Thankfully, Ireland didn't pull the knife on anyone and the Principal let her walk.  Although, she did say, she's keeping the knife in her office until the end of the year as 'EVIDENCE'!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

On this day we gave Thanks...

The Roth girls at Grandma Betty's house

With my sister, Mailee and my mom, JoAnn, at her house

The cousin's at Grandma Jo's

Keeper of Pie

Fast forward 10 minutes... completely SICK of pie

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chris and his 'EX'

Last spring Chris pulls up on a Harley and says, “it’s this or a girlfriend”.

mmm…..I gave it a 15 second thought. He must realize a Harley is far cheaper than any girlfriend could possibly be. I knew it was a rhetorical question so I shook my head, rolled my eyes & refused to ride on the back until he took the Harley “motorcycle course”.

Then a couple week ago he throws an ad on and sells the Harley! Money ahead. I was puzzled. Our Harley friends & fellow neighbor ‘riders’ were in shock. One thing about Chris....he's always thinking... the ride time in a Utah winter is slim to none - the economic crisis isn’t going away soon - there will be some desperate Harley seller in spring.

I was just relieved he wasn’t opting for the his 'alternative' suggestion.