Friday, September 26, 2008

Nanny McPhee has left the building!

Sheridan before (with a frog that lives under a trampoline) and after losing her snaggle tooth.
For over 2 months we've stared at Sheridan's 1 dangling tooth at the front of her mouth. We can hardly focus on anything she says because of that d--- tooth. The dentist was determined to remove it but realized - after 5 minutes of screaming (by the dentist & sheridan) - keeping the patients in the surrounding rooms was far more beneficial.

I told her she must have it out by Sept. 3rd - school picture day or I would return her to the dentist chair. Sept. 2nd she cried for 45 minutes to her dad because she couldn't bare to lose that tooth.

It has been a bloody mess on 2 separate occasions. Both times she came running and screaming to me. I was overjoyed: "YEA!!!! YOU LOST YOUR TOOTH? YEAAAAAA!" Oh no, it was still hanging by a thread.

So I was out last night when I got the call it finally fell out in a cookie. (imagine that)

This morning Sheridan said "I thought you would be so happy to see my tooth fell out BUT all you said was 'oh ya, cool'." And she's right...that is exactly what I said with little enthusiasm. Because frankly, school pictures are over, family pictures are over and all I see when I look at those pictures is Nanny McPhee.

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Trish said...

I will miss Nanny Mcphee. Sheridan needed a little more enthusiasm from someone else, so I got a phone call. Don't worry...I screamed and cheered and made her feel like it was the coolest thing that had ever happened.