Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ms. Roth

Sheridan is an aspiring school teacher.  Almost every day she conducts class in her bedroom.  This weeks lesson focused on cinanims (synonyms).

Easter 2009

Sheridan doesn't care what the bunny brings as long as it includes a sufficient supply of candy.

Ireland is a Twilight fan but an even BIGGER Mama Mia fan.

We had family Easter dinner at Aunt Debi's.  Aunt Debi was so kind enough to throw together an egg hunt for the girls at the last minute.

More candy...that's what it's all about.

Once the girls found all the eggs they emptied their loot and re-hide the empty eggs for their older brothers and cousins to find.  The boys were good to take the pink and blue baskets along on their hunt.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Mayercraft Carrier II

John Mayer - he's my favorite (besides Chris, of course!)

John in his 'Welcome on Board' captain suit.

On the Lido deck watching band after band play all afternoon.  

On the Cabo beach at Tabasco's - Lover's Beach in the background.

Safety Drill!

Last year I was on the Mayercraft with John.  It was so much fun I could not miss another year.  Last year I sailed with girlfriends, this year I took Chris and a bunch of other couples.  We had such an amazing time they are all game for next year.  I'm already counting down the days.

Southern Cal with the Carters

At Seal Beach

We stayed at the Welk Resort, as in Lawrence Welk.  Sounds cheesy, I know, but it was a really great resort especially for the kids.  The kids said the water slide was better than any other place we've stayed.

With Jessica & Kris Carter at Coronado.

Chelsea Kartchner, Hannah, Jessica, Aubrey Carter, Ireland, Keaton & Sheridan

One night at the Welk Resort we saw a comedian & magic show. ( This is the magicians assistant teaching the girls magic tricks.)  The comedian was hilarious.  He did a great show and kept it very clean.  However, Sheridan didn't get ANY of the jokes.  She was bored and would duck over to tell me so.  In the process she became part of the comedians show and she had no clue that he was talking about her. 

Seaworld 2009

Shamu or one of his/her off-spring.

Soaking wet after coming down the Atlantis Ride.  We vacationed with some family friends, the Carters.  We took their youngest, Keaton, with us to Seaworld.

Sheridan playing in the Star Fish pond.  

Ireland petting the the stingrays.  This was amazing and my personal favorite.

In the Shark World exhibit.  Sharks were swimming overhead.

We love Southern Cal.  Took the girls on our first trip to Seaworld.  Touching the stingrays and star fish were the greatest.  The kids loved the seal show.  They were hoping for more rides.  I had to remind them 'It's Seaworld!  They don't have roller coasters at the bottom of the ocean!'