Thursday, October 30, 2008

We lost....AGAIN!

Sarah with pregnant daughter, Bristol & baby, Trigg
2007 Costume

2008 winner's 'Blades of Glory' included an amazing routine - haha.

KISS arrived 30 minutes late with 2 pregnant members.
Each year we pull out all stops to win "Best Costume" at the Martinson's party. Last year I was the 'Brick House Girl' and Chris was, of course, the brick layer (get it?).

This year the obvious choice - Sarah Palin & her pregnant 17 year old daughter, Bristol (carrying Sarah's 7 month old son, Trigg). Sarah needs all the votes she can get but she didn't get enough to win 'best costume'! It went to Randy & Nicki Gates as 'Blades of Glory'. Hope to post the group picture as soon as I get it.
Each year we're forced to out-do the year before. Bring on 2009!


Abigail said...

Oh my gosh, love your costume!

Martinson/Adam/Tiff said...

I thought you were the hotties there. I hope Chris got some when he got home!!!!!!! It was a great night. Next year Start planning.

Trish said...

You looked just like her!! Awesome costume.

Jana said...

Sorry you looked great! Happy Halloween. See you next month.