Friday, October 10, 2008


The following 'outline' was posted by Kate on her blog with a request that I actually FILL IT IN. I never do these things but I was up for the challenge:

20 years ago I
1. graduated from Highschool.
2. moved away to college
3. endured a summer of Yellowstone fires.

10 years ago I
1. Had finally met the man of my dreams.
2. Quit a great job to work for that man.
3. Built our first house.

5 years ago I

1. was raising 3 year old Ireland & 1 year old Sheridan.
2. Built our Second home next to the first =)
3. was trying to keep Ireland from beating Sheridan.

1 year ago I
1. Took a road trip to Denver to see John Mayer & actually met him!
2. rode a raft on an amazing tidal bore in Nova Scotia.
3. Had a MRI – 2 bulging disks – no more running =(

This year so far I
1. Went on a John Mayer cruise.
2. (I attended 2 different High Schools) had 2 very fun 20 year class reunions.
3. Allowed my husband to bring home a Harley.

Yesterday I
1. Spent 2 hours volunteering at my girls school.
2. Spent 3 hours helping my girlfriend with her business.
3. Sent a special happy b-day to my 93 year old grandmother.

Today I
1. went on a school field trip to the Landfill (very interesting!) & Kennecott Copper Mine (Officially changed it’s name to Rio Tinto this week).
2. One last ride in my convertible before the very cold weather hits tomorrow.
3. Helped my neighbor hang some pictures.

Tomorrow I’m
1. Boot Camp - a 16 week challenge.
2. Going to a movie with friends.
3. Most likely eating some sugar.

Next year I
1. Will do far more surfing at Lake Powell
2. Will be on the next John Mayer cruise March 26th 2009
3. Will enjoy my 30’s one more year.

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Trish said...

Such a busy busy girl. Always something on your plate. ALWAYS willing to help whoever needs it.