Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brats & Brew

Sunning ourselves on the Snowbird deck & Ireland on the Bungee Trampoline.

Sheridan's favorite position on the Bungee. Ireland with her vacation buddy Keaton.

Sheridan and riding partner, Jessica.

Each September we take a little family vaca to Snowbird. Always during Octoberfest when a beer & a bratwurst set you back $10.00 EACH. Thankfully, neither appeal to us girls (Chris even skipped the brat & brew- Haha) which saves us astronomical amounts of cash. The girls are simply there for one thing….an all-day activity pass. Unlimited rides on the alpine slide, mechanical bull, rock wall, bungee trampoline, inflatables, and all the German chicken dancing you can handle. It’s like Disney at 8000’ with a few drunk Mickey’s & Goofy’s - even a tipsy princess or two. These drunknuts kept the adults entertained while waiting for the littles.

By far the greatest find this Octoberfest (besides an amazingly beautiful ‘Hell Is For Heroes’ zip-up sweater Chris found and bought for me in a ski shop) was the newly added Cotton Candy stand. TWO BUCKS…for cotton candy! Screaming deal. This may seem like the average cotton candy price to some of you…maybe even a bit inflated for 2 tablespoons of heated sugar. However, I failed to mention something from last weeks: “NOT The Greatest Show on Earth”. The Circus price for cotton candy was TWELVE BUCKS…$12.00…..paying that price is like being striped of any dignity. Granted it came with a 50 cent plastic hat. We opted for the $3.00 box of Milk Duds at the concession stand.

Those German folk make some fabulous cotton candy. The girls chose between 5 flavors made fresh while we watched. The candy was HUGE and still warm on the stick. A far superior choice to the bizarre mystery meat served in a bun by lederhosen wearing men.

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