Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My baby turns 7

Since she could say the word, her favorite color has always been blue.

After 20 minutes of shear panic she finally took the 15' plunge.

She would love to have a furry animal in the house, but, like peanut butter, she's allergic.

WILL EAT... even at 40 mph

Spent days searching for bugs this summer.  What a nerd.

This morning Sheridan woke up and said "Mom, I really feel like I'm 7 now"  I said, 'hold up, not until 11:45 a.m. will you be officially 7.'

I have 2 neighborhood girlfriends, Corrine & Nanete.  2 years ago, Sheridan, in her infinite wisdom, realized that they were not necessarily 'her friends' and so it would be okay to play with them on Sunday.  Each Sunday she'd end up at either house - often both.  She got very comfortable with them and by last Christmas she was asking them what they would be giving her for Christmas.  1 month later when she turned 6 again she asked about her present.  We were horrified and embarrassed when we got word of it and explained to her that it was very inappropriate to ask people for gifts.

It's been months since she's spent time with either Corrine or Nanete.  Yesterday, 'birthday eve', she made her way to both houses armed with a more politically correct statement, 'Did you know that tomorrow is my birthday?"

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Pedaling said...

sounds like she's got a little spumk to her!

hmmm, wonder where she gets that from?

she's a doll.