Saturday, January 10, 2009

I can finally re-live the Christmas Season

Each year we attend 'Brunch with Santa & Mrs. Claus' at the country club.  

Sheridan is getting REALLY good at this stuff which means mom can cut back on micro-managing.

This was taken the day we saw Santa.  By Christmas they'd trade dresses.

She's been hired!  Chris generally pays my niece, Emily, to wrap gifts for him.  The job is now Irelands.  Chris must be on NET 30 because she asn't seen payment yet.

For some odd reason Dec. '08 was an exhausting month for me.  I didn't sleep well and felt overwhelmed almost every day.  By the 25th I had a cold and just wanted to sleep!  Now that it's over I am SO relieved.  My goal for '09 (in addition to eating more fruits & veggies) is to do what it takes to enjoy the month of December.  

wait a minute.... there's my problem.... I failed to eat fruit & veggies in December '08.

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