Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seaworld 2009

Shamu or one of his/her off-spring.

Soaking wet after coming down the Atlantis Ride.  We vacationed with some family friends, the Carters.  We took their youngest, Keaton, with us to Seaworld.

Sheridan playing in the Star Fish pond.  

Ireland petting the the stingrays.  This was amazing and my personal favorite.

In the Shark World exhibit.  Sharks were swimming overhead.

We love Southern Cal.  Took the girls on our first trip to Seaworld.  Touching the stingrays and star fish were the greatest.  The kids loved the seal show.  They were hoping for more rides.  I had to remind them 'It's Seaworld!  They don't have roller coasters at the bottom of the ocean!'

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