Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dana Point 2009

Chris & I on a beach walk.  

Nanete & I spotted a VERY LONG line at the 'Sprinkles' cupcake store in Newport.  We asked a security guard if it was really worth it.  Another patron in line with ties to Utah told us he was taking 85 of the little cakes back to San Diego for friends.  By the time we were inside we had upped our order from sharing 1 to a box of 6 ($20.00 total - holy crap....what was a thinking)  They were okay.  'Nothing Bundt Cake' is still king.

The Smith's (closest to the camera) invited us along with Gordon & Nanete Daw & Koni & Doug Smart to stay at their Dana Point Beach House.  

Occasionally, Chris struggled to find wireless internet.  But on the patio behind a chair always worked.

Taken from the beach house that looks out over the Pacific and Catalina Island in the background. Obviously, I spent the weekend without much make-up!  YIKES - a little too relaxed.


Trish said...

What a fun getaway!

Anonymous said...

HOly Cow! that sunset is amazing! Sounds like a great trip!