Friday, November 28, 2008 November is all about Ireland

We had a 'Roth family' party to celebrate November birthdays. Ireland shares the month with cousin's Janee (beautiful girl in the gray and Christopher, hot guy in the sweater)

Chris' dad, Larry, was determined to be in every picture (haha) and Sheridan never strays far from any cake. Cute Riley (far left) is a family friend.

What we once referred to as Ireland's 9th birthday is now Ireland's birthweek. It just keeps going and going. In fact, almost 2 weeks later she got a gift from her Aunt Mailee. Each year I say 'this is your off year, no birthday party this year.' And then I cave....convincing myself with only 2 daughters what is wrong with a birthday party each year. They're all I have and one day I will wish I was still creating a cake or at least ordering one from Harmon's.

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